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The Story

2020 - The Corona-Virus changed the world, the daily life of people and the way how we could exchange.

The whole world was sent home, and even the smallest islands were in a lock down. We could not go out, meet our friends, go to a cinema, concert, in the park, or any other public event. Locked in our homes and gardens it was a time for many to learn something new about themselves. We need to learn how to be together with ourselves, and there was suddenly a lot of time, which wants to be filled.

For some the virus opened up their eyes a bit more.

And I think, that nowadays we are not allowed to close our eyes to the changes the human kind brought to mother earth. The pollution of the environment, the vast amount of plastic in the ocean, the impact of humans on the climate of the planet.
It is a time of connection, not a time of separation, where we want to help YOU with personal growth so that we as a society can change peacefully towards a future where all following generations may live in peace.

Simon Sureshwara Meditation and Yoga Teacher
Simon Sureshwara BDY Yogalehrer
Yoga instructor, meditation instructor, Sureshwara, yoga video courses

2012 - After living for half a year in Ethiopia, working as a volunteer for an orphanage, something became very clear for Simon Sureshwara, the founder of Yoga Video Courses.
Changes needed to be done to transform his life into a life with a deeper sense, a better purpose.
It was this time in Africa, where he felt alive for the first time in his life! It still takes a long time for him to explain why, but this time in Africa brought him back to his roots. From then on he wants to live for peace, for a better world, he wants to change the world. He did not want to go back into his old job, working in the IT segment, and wasting his life in front of a screen for a big company. He was looking for a way out and it took him some time, but in the end...he discovered it...
There was a whole universe of people sharing peace, happiness, love, and connection - the world of Yoga and meditation. He dived deep into it, moving to Europe's biggest Ashram and to become a servant, a karma yogi, for two years.
And for sure, he became a Yoga and meditation teacher and since then he taught Yoga to thousands of people.
He started travelling again, combining the two worlds...the spiritual one, and the digital one. Always trying to make the world more peaceful.

What is Yoga Video Courses

Yoga Video Courses is an online yoga studio, an online seminar centre, an e-learning platform.

How do you start

Go to your favourite course, click on See more… on the overview, and then on the course page click on the upper right top “Take the Course“. You have to register to get access to the course.

What you will find here

You will find here live-courses, where you can learn with the teacher in live-meetings (You do not need any special Registration for it), and also prebuild courses, yoga classes, meditations, seminars, workshops to topics out of the spiritual universe.
All from experienced teachers and people who are on a mission to make the world a little bit better, then before.

Our content

Our courses, classes, and seminars – We are not bound to one tradition. Yoga means union, and we believe, that everything, which guides us to our heart and the understanding of the self and existence, is worth sharing.

Who is behind the scenes

Founder of Yoga Video Courses is Simon Sureshwara. He is a digital nomad, and a 500h R-IYT, a meditation teacher, a Thai masseur.

He founded this platform to share the knowledge of yoga with a growing audience. Actually he wanted to build this site only to share his content to his customers, but because of the Corona crisis he realized, that there are many teachers, who might need a platform like this, to maintain an income and make it through this very special time.

Our vision

We want to grow this platform, and build something good for the world.

5% of the profit though this platform is donated to NGOs helping people in need.

If you are in need of social assistance, you are able to access some of the content for free, we try to give something back to the community.

How to become a teacher on YVC?

Please register and send an email to info@yoga-video-courses.com, we will reach out to you as soon as possible. To read all the FAQs of becoming a teacher on www.yoga-video-courses.com please read here, www.yoga-video-courses.com/about/instructors.

Bring a friend - Get free courses for you

For every friend you bring, and who is buying a course (without using the 30 day refund option) you get free access to a gifted course.

What if you are not satisfied with the content. 30 Days Money back.

Our teachers are trying their best, and they are sharing from their heart. But if you are not satisfied with the course content you can get a refund in the next 30 days after buying the course. For this please send an email to support@yoga-video-courses.com.

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