How Do I Become An Instructor

Share your wisdom with the world - FAQ

How do I become an instructor for YVC?

Please register and send an email to

Which traditions are accepted on the platform?

We are accepting all traditions teaching love, connection, union. We do not want to be religious, and we are not political. We want to be a knot in the net of light, so all traditions who follow the same path are invited to share their knowledge. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Breathwork. Please reach out to us, to see, what for content you may offer.

Do I have to have a certificate?

We offer high quality content from expert teachers all around the world. We only accept instructors with a certain kind of education and experience in teaching.

How high is the commission?

The commission will be 70% of the courses/classes we sold. So, if you have a course of $100 you will receive $70 of each sold unit.

Who is putting the price of the courses?

You are choosing the price for your efforts. In extreme cases we will give you a feedback.

How and when is the commission paid?

The system is calculating the commission automatically, and it is paid on every first of the month. Payment will be done with paypal, wether to your own paypal or to your bank account. (Paypa will receive a little bit of commission, too. Please see for their fees).

Which expenses will I have?

Selling your videos on is FREE. You do not have to pay anything in advance to the website.
But depending on your equipment and the services you already use, there might be some expenses necessary to share your content here.

  • You will need a good camera (most modern smartphones are able to record good video quality in HD 720p+)
  • You need to have good sound in your videos, so you will need an extra microphone maybe (there are some recommendable ones for $25).
  • You will need additional lights (normally 2) to have a good light in the video
  • If you do live-seminars /-workshops /-sessions you will have to use, so we can do the support for our customers, if necessary. The free version of zoom allows only 40 minutes of meeting, with more then 2 participants. To do longer zoom sessions, you will need to buy the Pro Plan for $15 a month (see
  • To do pre-recorded courses, you videos need to be hosted at, because vimeo is allowing us necessary privacy restrictions to protect your course content. Recommended here is the Pro Plan (depending on how much content you plan to upload) for $20 a month. It is not so cheap, but there is no alternative.

How do I learn how to set up courses?

We have a lot of (video) tutorials for you, and even more coming up, explaining every crucial point on how to bring your content nice and shiny online.
To set up a live event, you will not need more then 15 to 20 minutes, when you did it already once or twice.
We try to present your content in the best possible way. If you get stuck at any point please reach out to
You also will be in a private Facebook group with the other instructors, so that you can get help there.

Who is advertising my content?

We are not offering advertising for your content directly. We are promoting the whole platform. To guide traffic to your courses, you would need to reach out and advertise in your own way. is an amazing way to put your content online for free, without the need of an expensive own website.
But if your content is high quality and in high demand, we may agree about special advertising for it.

What content can I sell here?

You can sell 100% live content, 100% prebuild content and a mix of it.
You may set up courses to following content:
  • Yoga or meditation classes (live and pre-build)
  • Seminars and workshops (live and pre-build)
  • Webinars
  • Weekend-Online-Retreats
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Philosophic Seminars / Live teachings
  • Any course that you would find in a real seminar house / school of your tradition
  • Very specific content, i.E. Prenatal Yoga, Chakra Energy Cleansing meditation, Ujjai Kumbaka Meditation, 21 days of Maha Shambavi Mudra, Inversion Yoga Challenge, Ayurveda and Detox above 50…the topics are endless.

What if there are privacy issues, or other issues with the content on the website?

In this case please send an email to

we want to
hear from you!