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Ashtanga – Your Body: Your Rules

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Ashtanga – Your Body: Your Rules

The Strongest Trees in the Forest Grow the slowest!

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What you'll Gain

Guidance on ALL the postures

Practice videos to fit your schedule

Freedom in the body and mind


Ashtanga generate inner fire, which filters through into your body. Without Evan realising it you will become stronger, physically and mentally. 


The seated sequence is entered around forward folds. Due to the repetition and variations of the postures,  you will naturally find your self becoming more supple. Inside and out. 

Stress Relief

This practice is vey good at release stress and anxiety. Due to its strong and empowering nature, your bodies energise system has a change to flush out blockages and release tension. 


All you need for this programme is your beautiful self, motivation and an open mind.
Plus the following:

  • Space to move
  • Yoga Mat (but not essential, Carpet is also fine!)
  • Yoga Strap…. or a tie, a belt, piece of rope… anything to help with forward folds and binds.
  • Yoga Blocks…or 2 really thick books!

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What is included 

In this bundle you shall receive a full instructional video broken up into sections, of the whole primary series. As well as a 15, 30 and 45 minute version of the practice. 
You practice at your own pace. Doing as much or a little as you want. 
Through repetition of this practice, and the detachment from any goal, the progression you seek with naturally form. Trust the Body, Trust your self. All will come. 

If your at the beginning of your Yoga Journey…

I would recommend doing the 15 minute practice every day for 2-3 weeks. Then moving on to the 30 minute practice… then on to the 45 minute practice…… etc
Build you’re self up at your own pace. 
There are SO many rules in Ashtanga, and there seems to be so much pressure to do all the poses in a certain way. I followed all these rules, and developed a love hate relationship with the practice. Now from the other side, Ashtanga is a practice of devotion to my body. The need to force and push has dissolved and whats left is a beautiful practice that I don’t have to think about. I can just step on my mat close my eyes and let my body express its self through the sequence. This is what I want to share with you!

So what is Ashtanga? 

Well it is a set sequence of postures designed in a way that energises, opens and strengthens the entire body. (Originally created by Pattabhi Jois in 1948, and soon after the practice was taught to the Indian army in Mysore). Hence why it has a reputation for being a strong and challenging practice. Some of the postures may take years for you to acheive. But that’s ok. The way I teach Ashtanga invites curiosity and playfulness. For that is far more fun, and when we release the pressure, we are free. As result we achieve without realising it. 
When you first start ashtanga, there maybe quite all of of posture that you think you cant do, and your mind may be occupied with the physical. Thinking about the sequence, and checking in with the body in every posture, getting frustrated…..So it may feel like a physical and mental workout for a while, but this is ok and all part fo the journey of discovering self. It’s all part of the ashtanga journey, and one of the reasons why I have created this course. To create a space where you can flow and connect more with the body. 
Through the repetition of the practice, you will focus on less on the physical as the postures become more ingrained into the body. it is at this point that the magic happens. This is where you are able to quiteten the mind and fully 100 percent be connected to your body on a spiritual level. 

Other benefit to practicing Ashtanga 

The emotional and personal lessons that you will learn. You will discover so much about yourself through the observation of your thoughts whilst doing the practice. The changes in your body from day to day. Being able to balance one day and not the next, (what area of you life has become unbalanced); A strange sense of fear as you reach into a forward fold. (do you have this same sense of fear about the future). The metaphysical messages are everywhere in this practice. If any any point you want some advice on this please reach out to me. 

Who this course is for

This course is desgined for anyone wanting to learn the Ashtanga sequence, and implement it into their daily lives. The varying practice lenghts make it versitle and accomadating to yoru needs. 
You wil have life long access to the course.


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Ana has completed over 800 hours of training over the past 4 years. Studying, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Tantra, Yin and Aerial Yoga. These trainings have given Ana more than she ever could have imagined, and deepen her knowledge of yoga and life! Her mission is to empower all her students. And make the unachievable seem possible.

Ashtanga – Your Body: Your Rules

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