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Heart Harmony & Chakra Balancing

Hello lovely humans,
firstly, let me welcome you with heart felt message to Heart Harmony & Chakra Balancing.
It’s a pleasure and an honour to have you bring your beautiful energy and join me in this journey to the ascension of love, peace and harmony.
We are coming together to awaken the true essence of our soul, through love.

Much love and gratitude to you all.


Topics of the Workshop

Harmonizing Your Chakras

Balancing Your Energy


Inner Child

Experiencing Oneness

Releasing Fear


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You will learn how to harmonize and balance your energy and chakras.

You are using different techniques to heal your inner child, to overcome the fear, which is programmed into our system since we are little, and we will balance our energy to be full of consciousness.

To help you with connecting with yourself, this course includes a one-on-one video-coaching with me.

Balancing our Energy and Harmonizing our Chakras is leading us to our true self! Be ready to experience a energy-boost, joy, and happiness!

This workshop is for everybod, who wants to know more about themselves. Finding a way to feel more freedom, peace, love, and joy.

Who this course is for

This course is for everybody who wants to feel more harmony, stronger, clearer. It is for everybody who is restless, nervous, full of chaotic energy. It is for everybody who wants to be more centred, focused and concentrated.


Heart Harmony & Chakra Balancing

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