10 Days Free Meditation for Beginners Challenge

Learn meditation at home. Meditation for Beginners is a 10 days challenge, through which you will learn how to meditate with your favourite technique without any further guidance , step by step, up to 30 minutes a day.

10 Days Meditation Challenge for Beginners

What you'll learn

How to sit

The seat is one of the foundations for an easy practice. If you know how to sit comfortable, you will be able to sit more relaxed.

Working with the mind

Our mind is used to be very active in every day life. It is flooded with information. In meditation we are learning how to calm the mind.

How to breathe

Our breath is different in every situation. If we are calm, if we are angry, if we are nervous, we are always breathing in a different pattern. Learn how to breathe to calm the mind.

What is the mind

Understanding the mind is helping us to master it. Are you your thoughts and emotions? Or are they coming from external influence?

How to build up concentration

Concentration and awareness is trained in meditation, but there are useful life-style-tips, on how to strengthen it.

Stress and Meditation

We learn about how stress is influencing our body-mind-system, and what we can do, to minimize or to completely overcome it.

Requirements for Meditation for Beginners

This course is for everyone who wants to understand the practice of meditation. Because there are many more things to know, then just how to breathe, and you will learn all of them in this course, you may also attend the course, if you are already practising by yourself.

For this course you need an open mind, and the will to learn something very profitable for you. Meditation is like every other skill we want to learn. It needs practice. Every skill is complicated in the beginning and there are struggles for everybody. Regularity and consistence will make your practice comfortable.

You will need about 30 minutes for the lessons, and up to 30 minutes for the guided meditations.

  • about 1 hour without disturbance
  • A quiet space where you can focus on yourself
  • Pillows, a meditation bench, or a chair for your meditation seat
  • if possible comfortable clothing

Learn all the little secrets.


Learn how to meditate by yourself without any further guidance

In this training you will learn in 10 days how to meditate 30 minutes without any further guidance. You will practice different meditation techniques, and find the best fitting for yourself. Learn in the lessons about the basics and secrets of a regular practice and how to achieve it.

For each day you have a video with instructions and topics about basic meditation practice. You will receive guided meditations from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the progress of this course.

Follow the instructions, be consistent, and in 10 days you will be able to meditate 30 minutes by yourself, profiting from the many benefits of meditation.


10 Videos
– Introduction to the training
– How to sit
– How to breathe
– What is the mind, and how to work with it
– How to meditate regularly
– Obstacles and support in meditation
– The Yamas and the Niyamas and the 8-fold path of Raja Yoga
– Stress and meditation
– Meditation in groups and the 6 paths of Yoga
– About Vipassana
Bonus: Alternate Nostril Breathing – Nadi Shodana

Guided Meditations:
5 Recorded Guided Meditations
Bonus Metta Meditation

A free video call with me, where we talk about your questions, experiences or struggles.

Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices you can learn

The benefits are scientifical approved. They range from reducing stress or burnout, reducing or overcoming negative emotions, anxiety or depression,  negative habits such as addictions, to develop happiness, inner peace, wholeness. Gain patience, serenity, and calmness with this practice

Meditation for Beginners is everybody who wants to master mind and emotions

Gain control over your life. You will build up a positive mindset, and profit from all the above mentioned benefits. Step onto a path that leads you to understanding, forgiveness, compassion, love, and intuition.


10 Days Free Meditation for Beginners Challenge

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