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Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening

Weekly in depth teachings, videos and activities, 1on1 coaching session, weekly group coaching session, private Facebook group, bonus meditations and more!

Expand your spiritual and intuitive abilities as you make deep connections with your higher self. Become the Master of your well being as you learn the formula of Sacred Heart Connection and cosmic consciousness awakening. Feel refreshed as you dive into the formula that aligns chakras (energy centers) as you meet the neuroscience and spiritual explanations while having the direct experience.

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What you'll learn

Chakra Alignment

We are working with Chakra energy, aligning, harmonising, and balancing the stream of energy though them.

Introduction to Heart Harmony

You will learn a new way to connect with your heart. Everyone has a beautiful, loving heart. Let’s connect it.

Working with affirmations

Words have power. You will learn how to use effective affirmations to generate positivity.


This course is for everybody. All you need is an open mind, a little bit of time, and a quiet space where you are not disturbed.

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Learn how to align your chakras, how to connect with your higher self and higher dimensions

In 4 weeks I will teach you how to align and harmonize the energy in your chakras, how you are able to connect with your higher self, and how to enhance your intuition.

This is a video course, with additional life coachings, an affirmation book, and guided meditations

This is my easy to follow content for you. When you buy this course you will have access to my affirmation book for free, and also to guided meditations, which you will follow during this course.

Additional content

My Affirmation Book
Guided Meditations
Online 1on1-coaching
Access to my private Facebook-Group

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Who this course is for

This course is for everybody who wants to deepen the connection to their heart, to strengthen the connection to the higher self, to the divine energy, which is in all of us. Enhance your intuition, follow the flow.


Kerry the healer Gallery
Kerry Clancey’s healing journey began with a near death experience in 2011, where she experienced an outer body experience and ascended into different dimensions, leaving her with the ability to channel, receive messages from divine guides, celestial beings, higher energies, including the angelic realm. Shortly after her NDE Kerry had a profound experience with Buddha who came in one of her meditations and gave her the message to become a heart energy healer and teach others how to heal their hearts.

Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening

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