Fonny Chandra

Fonny’s strength is to take her students on another level of confidence, comfort, warmth and friendliness with themselves. Sharing yoga is her passion. Did she, by herself, experience all the profits from yoga.

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Fonny Chandra

Fonny is sharing her yoga guidance in both Yin and Yang. She’s Indonesian who currently lives in Malaysia and completed her RYT-200hr training in 2017 with Under the Light Studio, Malaysia. Her teaching is a warm welcome to different practitioner levels, gender, and ages.

Her sequences can be both traditional and modern, providing her students with what their bodies and minds need in that specific time. A great balance practice that involves stretching, strengthening and breathing gives the benefits for our daily activities and a good night’s rest.

With proper alignment guidance that’s suitable for every practitioner level, various options are available to give comfort throughout the practice.

Class is design for beginners to intermediate levels. Each session will start from a slow and gradual shift the focus to building heat through a mindful sequence of poses by shifting your attention and elevate your conscious state of awareness.

To keep the body in finding the comfort within and the strength on the outside, each class will have a specific theme or focus to balance the yin and yang aspects of the body. In which Yin practice may include few floor poses that are held for several minutes for targeting connective tissues including fascia, bones, and joints.

Traveling back through time when she once had discomfort on her lower back, knee pain from an old injury, and with her past fast pace work-life causes her to develop insomnia.
Yoga has been the practice that gives comfort, sustainable recovery and finding back a meaningful work-life balance.

Through the mindfulness yoga practice, she hopes that everyone could gain the same benefits as she has fostered throughout her yoga journey.

Fonny's Courses

10 Days Meditation Challenge for Beginners

10 Days Free Meditation for Beginners Challenge

Learn meditation online. In this course you will learn all the basics and secrets to start with your personal practice, without any further guidance after you finished the course.

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Banner Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening Course from Kerry the Healer, Kerry Clancey

Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening

Expand your spiritual and intuitive abilities as you make deep connections with your higher self. Become the Master of your well being as you learn the formula of Sacred Heart Connection and cosmic consciousness awakening.

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Heart Harmony and Chakra Balance

Heart Harmony & Chakra Balancing

Heart Harmony and Chakra Balancing is a compact and easy to follow workshop to balance energy and chakras in turmoil. With the use of breathwork and the healing of the inner child, we will align and harmonize our energy.

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Ana X Chakora Ashtanga Course

Ashtanga – Your Body: Your Rules

Learn Ashtanga in your own time. A complete package with all you need to make your own practice rooted in Ashtanga. 

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Your Yoga Programme

YOUR YOGA Programme

40-day yoga programme to build your confidence, and develop your own yoga practice. Inc 2 Private yoga Classes on Zoom!

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