Teaching and living for love and peace. There is nothing more important in life, as reaching this higher inner peace, one can obtain with meditation. Sureshwara is a meditation teacher, yoga teacher, therapeutic Thai masseur and messenger of love and peace. He lived to years in Europe’s biggest Ashram, diving deep into the world of yoga, pujas, homas, satsang, kirtan, seva, meditation.

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There is no way to love! Love is the way.

2016 Simon Sureshwara moved to the biggest Ashram in Europe, to become part of the Yoga community of Yoga Vidya, in Bad Meinberg, Germany. He was in his  2 years of yoga teacher training, as he realized that he wants to learn as much as he could about the yogic teachings, about rituals, mantras, meditation, and community.
His journey of yoga started late in his life. After working as a volunteer for 5 months in Ethiopia, in an Orphanage, he discovered, that this is, what gives him a deeper sense in life. Doing good for others, helping, supporting, and uplifting them.
He also discovered that he does not need much…no additional luxury to be happy. Just a good purpose in his life.

Since then his life transformed amazingly. He quit his office job as an IT technician, and he became a climbing instructor. From climbing it was not far to yoga and mindfulness, meditation. And here he found finally the one thing, which gave him all he needed. An inner peace, stability, balance, trust, hope, openness, connection, an abundance of the world he is living in. He lost his belief, that life is only unfair, he lost his despair, that he can not do anything and that nothing can be changed. He is seeing yoga and meditation as the tool of transformation to make the world a better place, for everyone.
Since then he is learning, teaching, and sharing. He practices Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vipassana, Tai Chi…and loves meditation in motion.

Sureshwara's Courses

10 Days Meditation Challenge for Beginners

10 Days Free Meditation for Beginners Challenge

Learn meditation online. In this course you will learn all the basics and secrets to start with your personal practice, without any further guidance after you finished the course.

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