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The Practice Formula

  •  Centre your self (Om, 3 deep breaths/ Seated or stadning)
  • Gentle Warming (optional)
  • Sun Salutations 
  • Standing Sequence / Flow / play time
  • Seated postures / Cool down 
  • Sirvasana 

My Teachers

  •  Dylan Werner 
    • Dylan is a fantastic Vinyasa Teacher who’s knowledge of the body is unprecedented. He has many courses that run on
    • One in particular that is very good if you are wanting to find more freedom within your body. It is called Elasticity: Facial Conditioning 
    • Dylan is fantastic for learning alignment, anatomy, and feeling like your body has moved! 
  • Simon Borg-Olivier
    • Simons Philosophy on yoga is very different to Dylans. He has practiced yoga for over 40 years, and developed his own practice based around the natural movement of the body. It has many similarities to Qi-Gong. The first time I tried it, I did not get it! however 3 years later my practice is far more like Simons than Dylans. 
    • During Covid 19 Simon posted many practices on his Facebook which I highly recommend. It will give you a deeper understanding of why I do some of the movements I do, and you will also get to experience Simons Awesomeness!  
  • LIFE!
    • Life has been the biggest teacher. I used for try and control everything, I pushed my body, tried hard, and was quite narrow minded. YOGA AS EVERYTHING! NOTHING ELSE WORKS! I am so glad I don’t think like that any more. 
    • Every moment in life is an opportunity. Every experience is a reflection of the internal. Through meditation and observation of my own life, I feel like my mind, body and soul and opened up to the universal language, and I can feel the infinite possibilities within each moment. 
  • Allow your self to feel and experience life. Life is love, Love is life. 

If you would like a Yogic Life couching session send me an email and we can set one up! 

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