Add a new course

How to add a course

3 Important Steps

  • Add a new course
  • Add a product similar to the course
  • Link product with course

1. Add a new course

1.1. Log into your instructor-account back-end

1.2 Choose from courses > Add new


1.4 Choose a course title

1.5 Add content for the course page (the page people will see when they visit your course). There should be a description of 300 to 500 words, describing the content of your course. Here you have the chance to promote your course the best. You should write something engaging that makes people curious about what you offer.
You can put images, videos, headings, paragraphs, lists, and more.

There will be a tutorial on how to write a nice course description with this builder. In the future, there will be premade layouts you just can install and fill with content.

1.6 Choose a featured image for your course (1620*1080 px)

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1.7 Afterwards you need to go to the “Builder” in the top menu
This is where you put the course together
You can add section headings, lessons, topics, and quizzes. Sections are including lessons, and the lessons are including topics. If you do not add a lesson to a section the section will not be visible in the course.

Add lesson and section

Add section headings for a fundamental structure of your course. Lessons are including the content of the course, seperated in topics. You can structure the course in any way you want. With unlimited sections, lessons and topics. You may use only Sections and lessons without topics.

The arrows are to move the items up and down and order them. You may drag and drop them by clicken on the six dots and holding the mousebutton.


After adding the sections and lessons you want to bring everything in an order.


For adding a live course or seminar, you may only put 1 Section named: Content of the Course, and then add lessons as overview of the course topics. You may not want to put any content in the lesson, but you can.


1.8 Go to course SETTINGS

Activating Course Materials will show a second Menu Point for Material, which anybody can access. You can do the same for lessons. This material will only be seen by enrolled subscribers.

Keep course content always visible so that everybody can see the content of the course (lessons, topics), but nobody will be able to access it without enrollment.


To make this sure, you need to put the course in ACCESS MODE to closed. Put your price in the price field.


Go all the way down to COURSE GRID SETTINGS. Put here in short description an engaging short intro in your course. This will show on the course grid under the image.


1.9 Time to publish your course! Go to the upper right corner.


2. Adding a product

2.1 On the upper left corner click on the black square (you can hardly see the WP logo) with the right mouse button and choose “Open in new window”. Your instructor dashboard opens in a new window.

go back to dashboard

2.2 Go to products in the menu on the left and choose “ADD NEW”


2.3 Now copy the title of your course and paste it in the product.

2.4 choose the same picture as you choose for your product.

2.5 Product data has to be course, set your price under REGULAR PRICE, and click in the field LEARNDASH COURSES. A list of all courses created by you will appear. Click the right course. (This will achieve, that a student gets enrolled in your course after purchase).

2.6 Copy your short description in the field short description.

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2.7 and now you are ready to publish your product, too! And now the last steps, connecting your product with the course, so your course can be bought.

3. Connecting product and course

3.1 On the left click on ALL PRODUCTS to come to the overview of all your products. Now hover with the mouse cursor over the product, and a grey number will appear. This is the product ID. Write it down, copy it, or keep it in mind, you will need it in a second.


3.2 go back to your windows with the course

3.3 in SETTINGS find the Options for ACCESS MODE (where we put the option on close and put a price)


3.4 in the field Button-Link paste this link: and add at the end your product-ID.


3.5 click update on the upper right of your course to save the changes. Well done! Congratulations, your course is published and people can enroll in it!

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