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Your Yoga Programme

YOUR YOGA Programme

40-day yoga programme to build your confidence, and develop your own yoga practice. Inc 2 Private yoga Classes on Zoom!

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Ana X Chakora Ashtanga Course

Ashtanga – Your Body: Your Rules

Learn Ashtanga in your own time. A complete package with all you need to make your own practice rooted in Ashtanga. 

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Heart Harmony and Chakra Balance

Heart Harmony & Chakra Balancing

Heart Harmony and Chakra Balancing is a compact and easy to follow workshop to balance energy and chakras in turmoil. With the use of breathwork and the healing of the inner child, we will align and harmonize our energy.

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Banner Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening Course from Kerry the Healer, Kerry Clancey

Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening

Expand your spiritual and intuitive abilities as you make deep connections with your higher self. Become the Master of your well being as you learn the formula of Sacred Heart Connection and cosmic consciousness awakening.

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10-Days, Meditation-for-Beginners, online course, Simon Sureshwara

10 Days Free Meditation for Beginners Challenge

Learn meditation online. In this course you will learn all the basics and secrets to start with your personal practice, without any further guidance after you finished the course.

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About Yoga Video Courses

Holistic teachings

Yoga Video Courses is a platform for all spiritual practices. Yoga translates to union, but it means the calming of the mind. It is the way to our hearts, where we are overcoming the boundaries of our minds.
We believe, that all teachings, which are helping us to achieve a healthy, happy, and peaceful mind are worth to be shared. We invite yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Bodywork, shamanism, and breathwork teachers to share their knowledge with you! – Leading you to a better future, fresh, clear, bright! Come and join the tribe…find your soul, find your heart!

The Vision

This is a platform of personal growth. We want to help you to improve yourself, in a way, which is not covered by our classical education.
You may learn for example: new skills and technics, with which you may find yourself, or reconnect with your essence, or align with life. We teach practices with the purpose of bringing peace to you, to your environment, the people you love and those you are encountering. We are on a mission to spread love in this world…
And we also believe, that doing good will save the world. A part of the profit will be donated to NGOs helping humans and animals in need.
If you are in a financial unstable situation, you may also access some of the content for free.

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